The Southern Nevada Lacrosse Association is organized and maintained to promote, grow, shepherd, govern, and protect the sport of Lacrosse at the youth, middle school, and high school levels, throughout Southern Nevada.



All teams charge a team fee in addition to the SNLA registration and US Lacrosse Card/Membership. This normally covers the cost of balls for practice/games, uniforms, equipment and other supplies. Each team is individually responsible to provide their own table and chairs, score clock and timer, horns and score flip charts and paint to line the fields for all home games. Each team fee may vary due to their needs.


All requests for zoning variance must be done in writing using the Variance Procedures and Form and submitted by November 15, 2017.


SNLA Zoning Rules

  1. Players must play for the school they attend (if it has a team); otherwise, their zoned school program, in which their parents or legal guardians reside.  IF their zoned school does not have a lacrosse program. Consult Section 9 – zoning or affiliate list (Appendix B - Pending).

  2. Players whose parents are divorced or separated will maintain eligibility/zoning with their current primary custodial parent.  If the parents have joint custody, zoning remains at the player's current program

  3. If a player attends a public school different than the public school they are zoned to attend, the player must provide the league with an approved attendance zone variance, as per the regulations of their public school district and their current student ID. 

  4. If a player attends a private school, magnet school, with no lacrosse program, or is home schooled, they will play for their nearest CCSD zoned school, based on the distance from your home to the nearest program school on affiliated list.

  • Elementary School players will play for the program in which they will attend or would be zoned to attend once entering middle school.


  • SNLA reserves the right to realign zoning with other programs, based on program needs, availability of coaches, fields and other resources. This realignment will be ratified by the High School & Middle School Coaches Council.


  • When in doubt, contact  for clarification.

NOTE:  falsification of any documents or being dishonest regarding your residency may result in ineligibility for one season.



1.  SNLA Middle School Boys Teams & Program Affiliations (elementary players play for their MS zoned program)


2. SNLA High School Mens Teams and School Affiliations



Registrar questions? Don't know which team to play?

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High School Mens Middle School Boys
Bishop Gorman Gaels
* Catholic Diocese Saints
 (St George, UT) Henderson Wranglers (formally Del Webb)
Faith Lutheran Crusaders
* Greenspun
Green Valley Gators Henderson Intl Wolverines
  (combining with SNLA Bulldogs) Lied
(formerly Grizzlies & Palo)
  Red Rock Rattlers
Faith - will play for their CCSD zoned school team
* Contact us for more information  (Thurman White )